From left to right: Edwin Grenland cradles his new puppy, Dior, while Manny Perez and famous TikToker Leo Gonzalez discuss the location of a stall in front of Vanessa Mendoza, who is filming them on her phone on May 28, 2021. Every night in Lincoln Heights, the Avenue 26 street market sets up shop and provides LA with top-notch street food, a commodity that has been sorely missed since the beginning of the pandemic. Its sudden and explosive growth in popularity can be attributed to TikTokers like Gonzalez making short videos about it and giving it more exposure.

Cai takes an evening swim. Los Angeles, 2021.

Young boys fish for crustaceans with just a string. Michigan, 2020.

Bok Molter, in the black shirt, Adrian Spencer, in the white shirt, and Liam Waskiewicz use a piece of fishing line with a hook that they found on the side of the road to fish off of the docks of Fishtown in Leland, Michigan on June 26, 2020. Spencer said that in the past, they could sit out on the docks and hang their legs off the side without touching the water. This is one of their favorite places to play after school. Multiple buildings in Fishtown have had to be lifted to avoid being submerged in the lake waters.

Jacitha Joash kisses her daughter, Aidrielyann. Jacitha moved to the United States from the Republic of the Marshall Islands after falling in love with her boyfriend, Michael, while he and his dad visited the islands. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, travelers to the Marshall Islands have had to quarantine on the island of Kwajalein, which is used by the U.S. Army as a base. As the government has cut funding to continue supporting these mandatory quarantines, the high cost of this two-week stay will be preventative to travelers hoping to visit home.

Jordan Mumford, right, and her son, Kyler Ludwig, explore the skatepark at the Athens Community Center after spending the evening playing basketball. Mumford is the newest resident at Serenity Grove, a women's addiction recovery center in Athens, Ohio. Her mother has begun to regularly bring her son to Athens to help them spend time together. Mumford said that seeing her son is the highlight of her week.

Lue Ann Kibby, center, is helped into a tube on the Platt River in Michigan by Dennis Kelsey, left, Shannon Callender, second from left, and Candy Kelsey, right on July 11, 2020. Kibby recently lost her husband and for his memorial service, they went tubing down his favorite river as a way to celebrate his life. Dennis Kelsey said that they were "going to make sure she (Kibby) has fun today," as she hasn't been able to go tubing since she had a stroke four years ago.

Grace Hanlon looks at the Black Lives Matter memorial set up at the First Parish Meeting House in Groton, MA, on June 7, 2020 following the murder of George Floyd.

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